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Imperial Concrete and Stone specializes in commercial and residential concrete applications, our goal is to deliver a beautiful detailed finish that will last for decades. Through proper planning and scheduling of our projects, while utilizing trained experts that take pride in their work. Imperial's focus is on managing all projects from day one with clear concise communication with our clients to ensure completion within budget, on time or ahead of schedule. Every structure we create reflects our passion for reliability and stability with unmatched attention to detail.

 Our Master Masons with ten plus years experience have finished thousands of concrete surfaces. We install a variety of hardscapes, driveway, walkway and patio finishes including brushed or finished concrete, integral color concrete stamping, exposed aggregate concrete, pavers, stone, pool decking and brick applications. During the base preparation for hardscape applications, we put a great deal of focus and attention to detail on the grading and drainage plans to suit the topographic demand of the environment, this is how we assure the product will last.

 Choosing Imperial Concrete for all your hardscape needs will be one of the best investments that you can make please feel free to contact us for and estimate.

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